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We are dedicated to helping Wilmington Area homeowners avoid the stress of foreclosure or unwanted properties. With over 25 years of experience, we offer reliable advice and support to make the process easier for you.

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About Campbell Home Solutions and Greg Campbell

For the past 25 years, Greg Campbell of Campbell Home Solutions has been committed to helping homeowners navigate tough situations like foreclosure, challenging properties, probate issues, and problem tenants. Our mission is to offer effective solutions for your real estate problems, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters to you most without the stress.

Based in Hampstead, North Carolina, we have been serving families in the greater Wilmington area since 2007 and throughout North Carolina since 2002, and in Illinois from the early 90s. As a family-owned business, we specialize in assisting homeowners like you with any real estate problem. Whether you’re facing foreclosure, struggling to sell your property, or simply need reliable advice, Campbell Home Solutions is here to help.

With years of experience in residential real estate and owning a construction company since 1990, we bring extensive knowledge in construction and home sales.

As foreclosure specialists, we have the expertise to assist you. see our success stories to learn how we can help you. and please read Solutions You Should Know

We’ve worked closely with many military families, helping them navigate the challenges of relocation. If you have an unwanted rental property, we can offer the support and assistance you need.

When you find yourself in a difficult place with your real estate give us a call, We can work together to maximize your equity by using our funds and expertise to update your house, increase its selling price, or use our funds to stop a foreclosure. If you decide to sell, we can agree on a favorable price and buy your house directly.

We have helped homeowners from Swansboro to Southport, primarily the four coastal counties including Brunswick, New Hanover, Pender, and Onslow,

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