How To Sell Your House Faster


H O W   T O   S E L L   Y O U R

H O U S E   F A S T

I N   T O D A Y ‘ S   M A R K E T


                      By Working with Campbell Home Solutions


This report examines how to sell your house fast, in days not months in today's market. When it comes to selling your house, there’s the traditional method, and there’s the accelerated method. To sell your house, avoid realtor commissions, get a fair competitive offer, and have a variety of creative selling options, please fill out the Seller Profile at and sell your house fast in Wilmington, NC. Work with Campbell Home Solutions for the path of least resistance.

A realtor’s fee is just a marketing fee. You’re paying them to advertise and walk buyers through your property with no guarantee they will sell your house.  When you work with Campbell Home Solutions directly, you get a guaranteed sale, not to mention saving significant time and money having a quick closing, with no repairs necessary, and no commissions paid.  Maybe you don’t have the time or money to let your house sit on the market for months and making repairs for picky buyers.  Many times, buyers will fall out of escrow because their financing didn’t come through.  When you sell traditionally, you rely on a lot of moving parts to sync up, and quite often, they don’t.

Working with an agent can take months for the sale of your house to close.  The fastest typical closing is 60 days, but Campbell Home Solutions can typically close in 7-10 days. Wouldn't it be a relief if you knew your house would be sold in a week?  We simplify the selling process, by removing the middleman, (realtors and banks) which saves you time and money, we are your BUYER!

With Campbell Home Solution’s long-term hold approach to Real Estate we can offer a competitive price for the sale of your house, quickly, easily, and effortlessly.  When you cut out the middleman, the process goes very smoothly.  Another benefit of working with Campbell Home Solutions is we don’t hire a home inspector and don’t have a home inspection contingency in our contract.  Most of the contingencies are waived, inspection and financing being the top deal-breakers.

You can avoid the hassle of advertising the sale of your house yourself or paying an agent to do it for you with no guarantees of a sale or the time frame on the market.  Those for sale by owner signs are magnets for the inexperienced, unqualified homebuyers and nosey neighbors.  You will quickly get frustrated wasting time talking with non-serious buyers.

With Campbell Home Solutions the condition of your home is of no consequence.  Imagine, not having to make a single repair.  If you are trying to sell your property to a retail buyer, the potential repairs could be overwhelming enough to kill the sale.  Retail buyers don’t want to fix houses; they want a home in mint condition.  Often buyers only have enough funds available for a down payment and closing costs and lack the funds to make repairs or complete updates.

Campbell Home Solutions buys houses fast in Wilmington, NC, and knows our reputation is everything in this business.  Helping homeowners in all situations is our specialty; we pride ourselves on treating homeowners with honesty and being straightforward, and trustworthy.  One deal is not worth risking our reputation, and we know that bad news spreads fast.  Campbell Homes Solutions wants to help you understand the buying and selling process, we have been buying and selling houses for over 25 years and we want you to be as comfortable as possible during the process.  We understand that you don’t want to spend time, waiting for your house to sell.  We’ll answer all your questions, give you a competitive price, and close quickly.

Selling your house doesn’t have to be difficult.  It doesn’t have to be confusing, frustrating, or a waiting game.  Campbell Home Solutions can buy your house quickly or at the time of your choice to help make your life easier, creating a win-win solution for everyone involved.  We hope this information has been informative and helpful.  Whatever your situation is, it matters to us, and we can help.  For a competitive offer on your house, please fill out the Seller Profile at or call us today at (910) 880-0500.